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Feeding America’s food angst
A new book by Evan Fraser and Andrew Rimas, Empires of Food: Feast, Famine, and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations, takes a hard look at how American habits — in farming, eating and treating the environment — could lead to a food famine. Listen to an interview with one of the co-authors.

Honey is hot
Everything you ever wanted to know about honey but were afraid to ask. Honey, like tea or salt, has a history and story you’re not likely to have ever considered. It has a rich and diverse series of practices surrounding its cultivation, which are the subject of new book by Grace Pundyk.

Ever heard of Hondarribia?
This hamlet on the Basque coast in northern Spain has emerged as one of the best places to experience the region’s ambitious cuisine — without the parading crowds of San Sebastián.

Michelin turns travel agency
According to The Independent newspaper, Michelin has announced that it will offer food-themed vacation packages. The initial program has launched in France, although destinations in Italy, England and wider Europe and Asia are expected to be added shortly.







San Francisco to fertilize urban agriculture
Despite the hype around urban agriculture and the local food movement, it has been very hard to make city-grown veggies economically feasible, because of laws forbidding their sale without a special permit. San Francisco is one of several US cities that are about to change their rules.

Snack saves children’s lives
It has revolutionized the treatment of severe malnutrition, but you’ve probably never heard of it. Plumpy’nut is a sweet paste, invented by a French scientist, that is made under license to UNICEF on an industrial estate outside Le Havre. It is a mix of peanut butter, vegetable oils, powdered milk, sugar, vitamins and minerals.







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