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A tasty selection of food-related news from la presse anglo-saxone.

From Game to Flame
According to this recent Wall Street Journal article, game is on the rebound in British restaurants. A growing number of chefs in the United Kingdom: “are helping expand the sale of traditional game to a sophisticated culinary audience that embraces it for a range of reasons.» According to the article, the resurgence dates back to the Queen’s decision to serve chevreuil at her 80th-birthday celebration in 2006. It also mentions that the trend is growing in France, but is having difficulty in Italy.

Oui! Oui! French cooking made easy
The National Public Radio network in the US recently interviewed French food blogger Clotilde Dusoulier, who helped translate 1,400 of the recipes found in Ginette Mathiot’s 1932 cookbook Je Sais Cuisiner, for the new English version of the book: I Know How to Cook.

The White House’s other foodmaker
You may have heard that renowned Chicago chef Sam Kass has been named as head of the White House kitchen. But did you know that the White House is also home to 65,000 other foodmakers: the colony of honeybees, who are part of the First Lady’s organic kitchen project.

Insolite: Bacon as art
Bacon has made the big time with its own dedicated art show at the New Gallery in Philadelphia. The curator describes it as a celebration of “the glory of bacon in all its sizzling, savory goodness.” What next: lardons at the Louvre?

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